U t e   K a n n g i e ß e r  ( c e l l o )

   r e c o r d i n g s        c o n c e r t s       c o n t a c t    

p r o j e c t s / c o l l a b o r a t i o n s


S o l o
in between free improvised live and solo composition, forever ongoing

Creaking Breeze Ensemble

with Evie Ward, Paul Abbott, Billy Steiger, and Seymour Wright
- live with poet Nathaniel Mackey at Cafe Oto
- site specific composition "Slack Fulcrum Twelfth" at Whitstable Biennale, 2019
- workshop on experimental composition at Whitstable Biennale, 2019

John Tilbury
- duo playing compositions by Carole Finer, Morton Feldman, Howard Skempton, and Laurence Crane, 2019

- duo with Seymour Wright, since 2010 and ongoing

Daniel Blumberg
- On&On album with Tom Wheatley, Billy Steiger and Jim White, released on Mute 2020
- film music for The World to Come by Mona Fastvold, 2020

Crystabel Riley
- free cello and drums duo, since 2019 and ongoing

Daniel Kordik
- release of collaborative album 5AM on Takurou combining field recording and solo cello, 2020

Keira Greene
- music for Keira's film Eustatic Drift, 2018
- solo cello composition for Wolf Ecology film screening as part of Cafe Oto's
Animal Music and other Living Creatures, 2019

Evie Ward
- weaving poetry and sound, since 2019 and ongoing

Jennifer Allum, Marjolaine Charbin, Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga
- violin, piano, zither/electronics and cello quartet

Tom Wheatley and Billy Steiger
- string trio

Organic Notes Ensemble
with David Ornette Cherry, Naima Karlsson, Kenichi Iwasa, Gabriel Bistow, Kenichi Iwasa,
Maxwell Sterling, Paul Simm, Seymour Wright and Billy Steiger
- playing the music of Don Cherry

Improvisation and Experimental Composition Workshops
- Whitstable Biennale
- Guildhall School of Music, London
- Sploh Music Festival, Ljubliana

Future Music

with Billy Steiger and Seymour Wright
- experimental music workshops for children at Cafe Oto, London
- childrens' workshops at Open School East, London
- family workshops at First Edition Music Festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm
- workshop / installation for hearing impaired children, Shuffle Festival, London

Assemble Architecture Collective
- playing for "The Art of Listening" with Daniel Blumberg, British School at Rome
- exhibiting documentation on Future Music childrens' music workshop at Cafe Oto Project Space

Dale Berning and Hiraki Sawa
- film music for 'Lineament'

Tarek Atoui
- Reverse Collection, Tate Modern, London

Anat Ben David
- Kairos Opera, Victoria and Albert Museum , London